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What the F*@K is going on with development?!

Admittedly, I’ve been under a lot of stress at work lately and have been exhausted by the time I get home. However, I wanted to show a small update on the basement/garage area and answer some questions I’ve had.

L4D2 L4D2!!!
If interest in the L4D1 component drops off, I’ll build it in L4D2. Right now I’m not targeting that.

Beta when, and also when beta?
Like I said, when it’s workable and doesn’t have a lot of bugs, I’ll put out another version of map 1 and 2. I have no date at this time.

Hey man, I have this awesome idea…
I’m sure you do. I appreciate anyone who has some excellent ideas, but at this point, I’m just trying to get map 2 (RPD) ready to try out.

How come you don’t answer me on Steam?
I’m really busy. I can’t reply to everyone and I don’t use steam as a primary source of communication. Please don’t take it personally.

And without further delay. The video update:

May 8th video update

New Update Video for April 30th.

Small screenshot update

Here’s a small update from this weekend showing the RPD Side door area. Click on the image for a larger one.

Back from vacation!

Well, having 9 days off of work and school can really calm my nerves. I decided to get back on the horse and put together a small update here. Not much to show off. Points to notice:
1. Stars Hallway completed.
2. Minor updates to the stars office.
3. Begun revamp of office area including lighting.


Campaign demo release delayed (again)

Sorry folks, I was planning on putting out a new release this month and thought that I could really make it by the end of the month but at this point it’s not looking too good because of these reasons:
1. My wife and I are moving to a new apartment on Friday.
2. I’m involved with 3 group projects for graduate school.
3. We had someone quit at work and haven’t been able to replace him which has been twice the work for me.

Bottom line: I’ve been too exhausted by the time I get home at 9PM every night to wrap up what I need to for a demo. When I have a new solid date for you, I’ll let you know. Sorry again for the delay.

I want to make something perfectly clear

I get a small amount of comments in my youtube channel criticizing everything that I’ve done up to this point “Poor brushwork, incorrect textures” stuff like this. I realize the majority of it comes from people who don’t even know how to map and have just recently learned mapping terms. I know I’m not an amazing mapper, ok? I’ve said several times this is a hobby for me. Everything I’ve learned and developed up to this point has been in my free time between graduate school and a full time job. I’m not going to be told my map “looks like crap” and that other campaigns are better. You know what? If you feel that way, go play them and don’t play mine. I’m not going to be lectured by adolescents who got L4D from their parents for Christmas, ok?

At the same time, I’m not closed to constructive criticism. I’m all about making this campaign better and better, but if I see another youtube comment telling me my work sucks without offering something on how to make it better, please expect to get blocked from my channel and a string of profanities to go with it. I’ve lost patience with this childish behavior. Don’t do it.

February approaches and L4D2

In February, I’ll be putting out a new release. Features include:
-New models/textures
-New Bot navigation mesh
-New Campaign Poster
-Ability to play from the main menu
-New intro sequence on Map 1
-New sections of RPD
-Nemesis Model
-Brad Vickers Model

I’ve had a chance to play with porting into l4d2. This isn’t a terribly hard task, but does require some entity tweaking and inclusion of missing resources. I have a working version of re3_streets_01 in L4d2, but not the campaign menu and certain items aren’t working yet. This is coming, but it will not be part of this release and I can’t set a release date yet. It’s easier to develop for l4d1, finish, then make the changes for l4d2.

I’ll make an announcement in the next few weeks when this is out and ready for play.

Framerate Fixed and a few other surprises…

After almost completely giving up on the warehouse alley framerate problem, I finally came across what was causing it and the overall poor frame rate performance in the map. One small box called a func_viscluster that I forgot to take out. After taking it out, the map now runs smooth as glass. I’ve had seven people test out the map completely to ensure it’s really fixed. I’ve also come across some really cool RE models which you’ll be able to spot in this latest video:

I’m anticipating a February release of a completed map 1 with a demo of map 2. Hope you liked the update, thanks again for your continued support!

Development Moves Forward

I hope you folks are enjoying L4D2. I’ve been playing around with L4D2 support for the map, here’s a quick video for you. It also shows some development with RPD. Enjoy!