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First and foremost, this is a campaign, not a mod. I’ll try to throw in custom content beyond what you see in Left 4 dead, but this is not a mod.
When is this going to be released?
There’s a lot of work to do in putting together 5 separate maps, and subcomponents of each map: light, visability, prop placement, sound, ai, event programming. It takes a VERY long time to do. The final product will not come out until A. I have enough time to finish everything, and B. Valve Releases the SDK for L4D. Right now, everyone has just jimmy-rigged out their hammer to work with L4D, but it doesn’t have all the tools needed to work 100% yet. If I had to guess I’d say probably sometime end of ’09. Don’t hold me to that though :)

Hey you know what would be awesome? Make Nemesis the tank!
I hear this more often than I care to admit. This is by far the most frequently asked question I get and not that easy to answer. So let me explain what it would take to do this:
The technical problem:
1. A C++ coder who is familiar with the director and could write in a special nemesis infected.
2. An animator who could entirely provide a new set of animations to the nemesis model.
3. An entire flawless set of nemesis sounds to work into the game.
This is a nearly impossible task as I don’t have the skill set to do 1 and 2. This does not mean nemesis will not be appearing in the game.

The logical problem:
You’d have to explain why the nemesis would be coming after the survivors. Nemesis was made and programmed to attack stars members and anyone who gets in between them. Since you’re not with Jill or any other stars member, why would he be coming after you?

Will we see Jill/Carlos/Nikolai
Nope. Sorry I’m not a skinner/modeler. The only things I can do is build a map, program it, and add in my own sounds. I hear there’s some cool skins floating around the net though…including a certain RPD cop.

Will it include sounds/and music from the original game?
Yep definitely. There will be original music for RE3/BH3/outbreak and sounds as well.

Hey, what’s up with the outbreak music in RPD instead of the original?
This was a tough choice for met. The original RPD music is about an 1minute 36 seconds long on a loop. The theme from RE: Outbreak File 2 is about 2 minutes 2:36 seconds and runs on a loop. I suspect people would quickly tire of it and it’s difficult to trigger music depending on where players are standing since this is multiplayer and not single player. Not to say I won’t include other original music though.

Can I test this?
I have a small group of trusted people who do testing for me. I’ll announce here on the site when I have a version out for public testing.

Do you want to join my mod team?
No, sorry. I’m doing this (almost) alone because I don’t have the schedule to commit to deadlines of a mod between work and grad school. Nothing personal.

Hey did you know some other guys are doing another RE map/campaign?
Yes. Actually I’ve talked to quite a few folks who have their own iterations of the RPD map/Resident Evil Campaigns. I think it will be cool to try all the different versions and see their takes on things. I only recently decided to expand the RPD map into a campaign. My fear is that the Dukeblooders’ version set the bar too high to match.

VS mode!!
No. I’ve been working on this for almost 2 years now and I don’t have the bandwidth to take this on. I also don’t enjoy vs mode so that’s even less motivation to build it out.

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