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What the F*@K is going on with development?!

Admittedly, I’ve been under a lot of stress at work lately and have been exhausted by the time I get home. However, I wanted to show a small update on the basement/garage area and answer some questions I’ve had.

L4D2 L4D2!!!
If interest in the L4D1 component drops off, I’ll build it in L4D2. Right now I’m not targeting that.

Beta when, and also when beta?
Like I said, when it’s workable and doesn’t have a lot of bugs, I’ll put out another version of map 1 and 2. I have no date at this time.

Hey man, I have this awesome idea…
I’m sure you do. I appreciate anyone who has some excellent ideas, but at this point, I’m just trying to get map 2 (RPD) ready to try out.

How come you don’t answer me on Steam?
I’m really busy. I can’t reply to everyone and I don’t use steam as a primary source of communication. Please don’t take it personally.

And without further delay. The video update:

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