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Announcing Resident Evil 3 – Left 4 Dead

Hi Folks. My name is Andrew and a few of you around the HL2 community know me as “Outatime”. I’ve been working on an a Raccoon City Police Department map on and off since about 2006 and was eagerly waiting for the release of this game. I’ve started a Resident Evil 3 campaign that I would like to include the following stages:

  • Raccoon City Streets
  • R.P.D.
  • Clock Tower
  • Hospital
  • Park
  • Factory

Currently, I’ve almost completely finished the first level which emulates Jill’s path through Raccoon City to the RPD. Below are screenshots I’ve taken of the progress made thus far:

Raccoon City Streets


Comments welcome! :)

When is this going to be released?
There’s a lot of work to do in putting together 5 separate maps, and subcomponents of each map: light, visability, prop placement, sound, ai, event programming. It takes a VERY long time to do. I may make a beta of the RC streets available in March/April. But the final product will not come out until A. I have enough time to finish everything, and B. Valve Releases the SDK for L4D. Right now, everyone has just jimmy rigged out their hammer to work with L4D, but it doesn’t have all the tools needed to work 100% yet. If I had to guess I’d say probably sometime end of summer/fall ’09. Don’t hold me to that though :)

Will we see Jill/Carlos/Nicholai?
Nope. Sorry I’m not a skinner/modeler. The only things I can do is build a map, program it, and add in my own sounds. I hear there’s some cool skins floating around the net though…including a certain RPD cop.

Will it include sounds/and music from the original game?
Sounds: Definitely! Music: kind of. The music is great from RE3, very catchy, but the PS1 instruments they used make it sound kind of dated. I have a few orchestrated clips I will probably insert instead.

Hey, what’s up with the outbreak music in RPD instead of the original?
This was a tough choice for me, believe it or not. The original RPD music is about an 1minute 36 seconds long on a loop. The theme from RE: Outbreak File 2 is about 2 minutes 2:36 seconds and runs on a loop. I suspect people would quickly tire of it. The outbreak theme varies on the original with portions of the original still intact in it. Not to see I won’t include other original music though.

Can I beta test this?
I might release a public beta of the first RC streets map in the march/april timeframe, but don’t hold me to that.

Do you want to join my mod team?
No, sorry. I’m doing this alone because don’t have the schedule to commit to deadlines of a mod between work and grad school. Nothing personal!

Hey did you know some other guys are doing another RE map/campaign?
Yes. Actually I’ve talked to quite a few folks who have their own iterations of the RPD map. That’s awesome! I think it will be cool to try all the different versions and see their takes on things. I only recently decided to expand the RPD map into a campaign, but I’ve been working on it for years (believe it or not:) ).

I hope that answers most of your questions but feel free to ask away/leave your comments here. Thanks, and I look forward to being able to share my updates with everyone in the future. Thanks for reading/watching!

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