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I want to make something perfectly clear

I get a small amount of comments in my youtube channel criticizing everything that I’ve done up to this point “Poor brushwork, incorrect textures” stuff like this. I realize the majority of it comes from people who don’t even know how to map and have just recently learned mapping terms. I know I’m not an amazing mapper, ok? I’ve said several times this is a hobby for me. Everything I’ve learned and developed up to this point has been in my free time between graduate school and a full time job. I’m not going to be told my map “looks like crap” and that other campaigns are better. You know what? If you feel that way, go play them and don’t play mine. I’m not going to be lectured by adolescents who got L4D from their parents for Christmas, ok?

At the same time, I’m not closed to constructive criticism. I’m all about making this campaign better and better, but if I see another youtube comment telling me my work sucks without offering something on how to make it better, please expect to get blocked from my channel and a string of profanities to go with it. I’ve lost patience with this childish behavior. Don’t do it.

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