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February approaches and L4D2

In February, I’ll be putting out a new release. Features include:
-New models/textures
-New Bot navigation mesh
-New Campaign Poster
-Ability to play from the main menu
-New intro sequence on Map 1
-New sections of RPD
-Nemesis Model
-Brad Vickers Model

I’ve had a chance to play with porting into l4d2. This isn’t a terribly hard task, but does require some entity tweaking and inclusion of missing resources. I have a working version of re3_streets_01 in L4d2, but not the campaign menu and certain items aren’t working yet. This is coming, but it will not be part of this release and I can’t set a release date yet. It’s easier to develop for l4d1, finish, then make the changes for l4d2.

I’ll make an announcement in the next few weeks when this is out and ready for play.

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