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Status of Development/Post Map 1 Release

Hi Folks-
Well it was an interesting summer. The release of the map was mixed, but less mixed than the previous time. I’ve been so honored by the response I’ve gotten and that people have been willing to accept it even in spite of its problems. I have had some folks with some choice words…I had no idea people had such egos over something like this.

With regard to development: I haven’t made much progress. I’ve begun implementing area portals to assist with framerate, but the biggest obstacle is time. I have a pretty demanding job by day and I’m working on my masters degree two nights a week which doesn’t leave much time for the rest of it. I’ll say right now you probably won’t see any new content until January. There’s a lot of things that are unsure about what’s going on with L4D2 and I’d like to see how that affects the player base. I’m not saying I’m porting what I have over, just saying I’m going to watch carefully. There’s also been some rumors of customer Xbox user DLC in the works via Gabe Newell on twitter. I’d be completely open to porting what I develop on PC to xbox so the console folks can enjoy the content as well…that’s all just talk right now, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I will say this: if it goes forward, I’ll port that I have for free. You won’t have to pay for it on xbox to get it.

And with that, I thank you for your continued support and patience as I slowly move forward with this campaign. Thanks again.

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