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Thank you for your feedback!

I wanted to thank everyone who has provided feedback to me via l4dmaps.com, l4dmods.com, and email. I had no idea I’d get such an overall positive response this time around. When I released my alpha map back in February, it came under fire and was met with mixed reviews at best. However, even in spite of the beta’s problems, people are still enjoying it. Thank you for tolerating it’s flaws! Based on the feedback I’ll begin making adjustments along with adding area portals to help hide parts of the map when the player cannot see it along with some nav mesh changes and health item placement changes. I’ll also be looking up how to work in the intro sequence I scripted as people requested.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for not ripping me a new one and I hope you still enjoy the release with the framerate and nav mesh issues.

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