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Campaign Status

TLDR version: I’ll be releasing a version of the campaign on this stie on Sunday.

I’ll be honest, I pretty much slipped off the radar in the L4D world over the past year. I haven’t been on Steam to chat, I haven’t even playing a single full round of L4D in months. I needed to get away for a bit and do some other things. Almost every single day, I get some form of communication asking about the status of this mod. For a long time I just went silent, disconnecting myself from everyone. This game me some time to reflect. I realized I made two errors:

1. Trying to please everyone with feature adds.

2. Trying to do everything myself (with the exception of the kind people who volunteered materials and models). I did it all: sound creation, map construction, event planning, bug testing, etc.

I became overwhelmed and needed a break. However, in my absence, I got a lot of messages from people who wanted to see this completed or at least the progress I’ve made over the past few years. I owe it to people to deliver. This evening, I’m compiling map 2 and looking it over for any seriously breaking bugs. I need to test the VPK on another computer I own to ensure everything sounds right and looks right. Stay tuned here, I’ll have a link soon and a new video.

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