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Progress on Map 3

Thank you for the feedback and continued support. I’m still in shock about how many people have enjoyed playing the current release and want more. Here’s a new video showing progress on Map #3. Keep in mind this is an alpha map and subject to a lot of change as it’s under serious construction.

Thank you for making version 1.1 a success!

re3_streets_020057The kind words and great feedback I’ve gotten when I unexpectedly released version 1.1 of this campaign have been overwhelming. It’s hard to think that I almost gave up this hobby entirely. The devoted fans who believe in me and continued to do so when I disappeared will not be forgotten.

Since it’s release on Sunday afternoon, Last Escape has been downloaded from L4DMaps.com 3,655 times. I can tell you that I am very humbled and proud to be a part of the Left 4 Dead modding community. Each and every one of you keep this thing moving forward. Thank you for supporting me.