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Update 6 – After a long delay

Well here’s a new video of the streets map outside the warehouse. I’ve kind of stalled on development thanks to Resident Evil 5 coming out, grad school, and work all combined. But here it is!

v1.1 first video

Beta 1.0 testing has ended

Thanks to the community @ l4dmods.com and everyone else who has tried this map. I’ve gotten enough feedback that I think it’s appropriate to end testing at this time. I have a lot of work to do here and it will be a while before the next release. Thank you again to all! Stay tuned for updates.

Announcing Resident Evil 3 – Left 4 Dead Campaign Site!

Hi folks!
The new site is up thanks to my wife’s knowledge of WordPress. The Campaign is starting to come along. The first map has been completed. I’ll be posting the beta soon (as in, this weekend) which will only include map 1 for testing purposes. Remember, I’m looking to improve your experience here. Feedback on gameplay will be most appreciated. Stay tuned…